Adelaide SEO Meetup

Are you an SEO junkie? Maybe you’ve heard about Search Engine Optimisation and want to know more?  Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned SEO professional, the Adelaide SEO Meetup is the perfect place to bounce ideas off of like-minded individuals, and chat about the latest developments in SEO.

The Adelaide SEO group meets up at the Maid & Magpie in Stepney once a month for a couple of drinks and a lot of SEO-related chat.  For more information about this group, along with a schedule of upcoming events, take a look at the Adelaide SEO Meetup page .

This is the Adelaide chapter of the SEO Meetups group in Australia looking to connect online marketers based in the Adelaide area. We aim to provide a relaxed environment where our Meetup members can chat about the latest industry trends and share useful tips that will help enhance them to become better web marketers or developers. We encourage involvement from a wide range of backgrounds, so whether you’re a web developer, affiliate marketer, SEM or SEO specialist, we’re keen to hear your thoughts on how to perform better and play smarter online.

Adelaide SEO Organisers

Adelaide SEO

No MLM or Get Rich quick schemers are welcome: this is a session for those already involved in or looking to learn about online marketing.  Our Meetups are relaxed and informal, so come along and get to know others in your industry.  Whether you’re a sole trader, consultant, in-house or part of an agency, we’d love to meet up!

Brief Bios of the current Adelaide SEO Organisers are provided below.

Woj KwasiWoj Kwasi (Head Honcho @ Kawasi Studios)

I head up Kwasi Studios, an Adelaide-based online marketing company specialising in inbound marketing and content strategy. We work with both robots and humans in mind, helping websites to rank in the SERPs and be enjoyed by the people who visit them.

Liz Tamara

Liz Somers (Account Executive at Kwasi Studios)

As the account executive at Kwasi Studios, I’m the first point of contact for our clients.  I’m also here to help with any questions you have about this Meetup!